Cookies Information

What is a Cookie?

A 'cookie' is a small amount of data that our computers temporarily transfer to your computer when you visit us. A 'cookie' itself does not contain or collect information but helps web browsers remember where you have been and remember your choices, so, for example, a 'cookie' is the reason your sunglasses are still there when you come back to your basket. You need them activated to shop with any website.

Our cookies stay in your computer for 30 days.

Can I disable Cookies?

You can alter the settings on your computer to disable these cookies, or only have them stored only with your consent.

Other Advertising

If you are visiting a website you may see an advert for your recently viewed Sunglasses Shop products or an advert from us.  This information about how you shop is taken all from the cookies stored when you browse our site. It’s not personal information that has been passed on by our site. You can usually allow, block or require a prompt message for such cookies.